A downloadable Game Jam Entry for Windows

Designed for the "A Game by it's cover" game jam, void is a endless bullet hell with monstrous bosses and (of course) lots of things to dodge on screen. Use your weapons to maneuver and to kill enemies to rack up combos, as well as gain a new high score!

May work on this more if there is interest, although if you really like this game, go play downwell. It's much more polished.


VOID Beta Version 1 (7 MB)


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Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was very fun to play and had a cool design to it. I would suggest maybe adding a different boss just to mix it up but other than that it was great! I made a let's play of your game here-


Thank you! Most of my team thought so by the end as well. Please let me know if we should add to it!

I think a bit of context might be nice. I was a little confused by the spacey menu screen and then being a dude with a gun in a hole.

Oh, lol. I actually did the main menu just to prove I could make something cool graphically with code. Didn't really think of context, but might try and come up with some. That kind you for the feedback!