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Take the role of one of four survivors after expirements with ancient relics cause an outbreak of the living dead. The mysterious Umbra begins to speak to you attempting to guide you towards salvation. But can you trust this voice? Or is it attempting to use you for its own gains...

This game is a passion project of mine, which I created to make a proof of concept of what I believe the zombies mode in call of duty should be like. There is a battlepass in this game with currency, but there is no microtransactions. Later I will add a shop to use more of the currency on, but for now it is just used for the battlepass. There is an arcade mode with many customizations to gameplay, as well as the story map (still a work in progress, and won't be completed until a later update.) There is weapon customization's, as well as weapon progression in order to unlock more customization's. The cast is fully voiced, and all art is done by me, as well as the entirety of the engine.

Please leave a comment below if you enjoy! I would love to hear your feedback.


Project Zombies v1.2 Pre-Alpha.zip 27 MB

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