Pre-Alpha V 1.2

  • Added 3 new weapons
    • I7
      • Mid-damage pistol with a larger magazine
    • Dune
      • 7 Shot revolver with high damage
    • SP12
      • 6 shot pump action shotgun
  • Updated zombie spawns and AI
    • Improved zombie spawn reliability
    • Improved zoning spawns
  • Added Voice for Alexus Valentine
    • Voiced by Lindsey Klutts, Alexus Valentine is a psychotic girl of about 17, obsessed with her knife, and able to break the fourth wall from time to time. ;)
  • Added Fourth Character Sprite and named character "Charlie Rook"
  • Added new areas to "Nightvale"
    • Promenade
    • Bridge to Power Plant
  • Added "Valletta's Heart", a new upgrade to your weapons
    • For 5000 points, you can upgrade one of your weapons to make it more powerful. 
    • For now, Valletta's Heart is always on, so have fun
  • Added Perks
    • Regen Serum
      • Regen Cooldown Reduced and Regen Rate Increased
    • Magna Vigour
      • Overall Health Increased
  • Changed Running speed to be faster
  • Changed Shield Part Locations (...Again)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Pandora's Box from V1.1

Planned Updates

  • Update Zombie Spawn Rate
  • Add a new sniper rifle, assault rifle, smg, shotgun, and LMG
  • Power Plant Portion of map complete
  • First steps to quest complete


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May 03, 2019

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