Slowed Progress

Hey everyone sorry I have not posted in a while. I have some big features planned, but I have to rework some things in order for them to work. I am planning on adding a hub area to replace the terrifyingly bland main menu, with many new things, such as an arcade with all sorts of customization's to the gameplay as well as a randomized daily mix. Also, I am adding a progression system to the game, that will reward you with weapon camos, customizations to the hub area, and other neat things I have planned. 

The map is also getting a rework. More design and props are being added to give some life to the map. The map layout will change drastically to provide a more smooth game experience.

Quite a few weapons have made their way into the game, along with a quest for unlocking Violleta's Heart, a machine that allows you to upgrade your weapons.

I hope to have something to show you in the near future, but until them, Cheers!

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